1-1 Business & Success Coaching for Holistic Healers & Spiritual Entrepreneurs

  •   Ethically increase your income & attract more abundance

  •   Streamline your services and develop your strengths

  •   Release money blocks and self-doubt

  •   Create your perfect life/work balance

  •   Learn my success strategies for holistic marketing & branding

  •   Feel more confident, successful & empowered

As a lifetime Spiritual Entrepreneur and founder of 3 global brands, I understand how challenging it can be to balance your heart’s desire to serve, with your head’s desire to succeed!  Ambition, wealth and self-doubt can all cause conflict when you are on the spiritual path, limiting your success and positive impact on the world.

When I finally learned how to combine my spiritual calling with a powerful success mindset, I turned my small home-based healing practice into a global, 6 figure healing biz in just 12 months.  I'll never forget lying in bed sobbing with joy and gratitude when I had my first $20k month. Now, I am inching closer to 7 figures and positively impacting even more lives!  I'd love to help YOU create the joyful, abundant and fulfilling life you dream of too.

Your personal mentoring journey  awaits...

  • Business coaching for Healing Practitioners & Spiritual Entrepreneurs

  • Step-by-step action plans &  growth strategies

  • Guidance and support for new practitioners & start-ups

  • Help with energetic & visual branding

  • A wealth of knowledge from someone who has been where you are and knows your industry & clients

  • Help with online resources, programs & systems

  • Coaching for success mindset & attracting abundance

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Attracting wealth & abundance

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Improved services & client relationships

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Soulful marketing campaigns

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Unleash your personal power

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Amazing websites that connect

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Create your ideal work/life balance

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Feel supported & empowered

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Success strategies & systems

Soulful Coaching For...


Work with someone who has already walked your path.

When I first began my home-based healing practice, I had no business experience and very little money. I did everything myself because I couldn't afford to hire help or a business coach (at least that's the story I told myself!)

The truth is, I wish I had have known then what I know now - That investing in a savvy business coach who has already walked the path I wanted to take, would have saved me YEARS of time and THOUSANDS of dollars in trial-and-error learning.

Thankfully, I stumbled my way through and am further along my path that I ever dreamed possible. But it hasn't been easy and the learning curve has been steep. So, if you are looking for an authentic business or life coach who understands the healing, wellness & spiritual industry, and has walked the path that you want to take, then I'd love to share your journey!