1-1 Distance Energy Healing & Guidance Sessions with Kate Mantello

  • Crystal healing & Energy Healing

  • Transpersonal Counselling

  • Guided meditation

  • Custom crystal prescriptions & body grids

  • Chakra cleansing, balancing & alignment 

Enjoy a deep healing experience from anywhere in the world, with a 1-1 healing session from one of the world's best know Crystal Healers!

First, we connect via live video for 45 minutes, to explore your main areas of concern and your healing goals. During this time, I may take you through a guided meditation, transpersonal counselling, or perform distance crystal healing.  Once we have finished our live session, I will then perform a 1 hour intuitive crystal channeling, to create your personalised  4 page crystal prescription. This will be emailed to you 48 hours after our session.


This powerful combination of crystal healing and intuitive counselling will help you work through and overcome:

energetic trauma, challenge, illness, loss, depression, anxiety, transition and much more.

Your personal energy healing experience awaits...

  • Release trauma & blocked energy

  • Intuitive transpersonal counselling

  • Personalised crystal prescriptions

  • Guided meditation & visualisation

  • Healing support for anxiety, depression, miscarriage, grief, feeling lost, etc

  • Life coaching for being the best YOU

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Finding Self-worth & Confidence

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Relationships & Communication

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Personal & Spiritual Growth


Miscarriage & Pregnancy


Feeling 'Lost' or


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Lifestyle Balance & Alignment

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Feeling Unsupported or Grief-filled

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Mental Health,

Stress & Anxiety

Heartfelt Healing Support For...

Imagine having your own personalised crystal prescription...

Imagine having your very own custom crystal healing body layout created by one of the world's best known Crystal Healers.

Kate Mantello has built her entire 14 year career on mastering the applied art of crystal bodywork. Her crystal body layouts are one of the most unique and respected features of her world-class crystal healing courses. Her international debut book  'ROCK ON - The Crystal Healing Handbook for Spiritual Rebels' features 40 custom crystal body layouts for everyday life situations such as anxiety, back pain, menopause, abundance, sexual health, ADHD and more.

Now YOU could have your very own crystal body layout channelled directly from Kate, for your personal healing journey!