How can I best serve YOU?

Are you...

  •   Craving a more holistic, balanced and abundant life or business?

  •   Being challenged by old programming or 'blocks' that you can't seem to release?

  •   A spiritual entrepreneur or healing practitioner ready to BOOM in business?

  •   Looking for a soulful business mentor who understands your industry?

  •   Ready to unleash the BEST version of yourself so you can finally SHINE?

  •   A newly qualified healing practitioner looking for help getting started?

Whether you are a spiritual business owner looking for a heart-centered Business Coach, or just a fellow soul in need of healing and guidance, then I am here to help you uncover the BEST version of yourself!

 With 12 year’s experience as a successful Holistic Healing Practitioner and spiritual entrepreneur, I specialize in working with beautiful souls (just like you!), who just need a little help to fully SHINE.

 I offer online 1-1 Crystal Healing consultations,  Holistic Guidance sessions, as well as professional business coaching and mentoring for those in the Holistic Healing and Spiritual industries. 

 Please scroll down to find out how I can best serve you…



Founder & Director



Crystal energy healing


Distance Energy Healing 

  • Crystal Healing

  • Energy Healing

  • Custom Crystal Body Grids

  • Transpersonal Counselling

  • Soulful Guidance

  • Energetic Trauma/Blockage Release

  • Anxiety Support

  • Energetic cleansing & rejuvenation


Soulful Business Coaching

  • Work through creative/wealth blocks

  • Expert advice & support for start-ups

  • Branding & website assistance

  • Streamline your services

  • Unleash your abundance mindset

  • Soulful marketing strategies

  • Planning & goal-setting

  • Master social media

  • Optimise your amazing business

Kate Mantello