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kate mantello

I'm Kate Mantello

Hi Beautiful Soul...

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Master Energy Healer | Spiritual CEO | Mentor | International Speaker | Author | Rebel Visionary 
Kate is at the forefront of a
Spiritual Revolution  & you're invited...

It's time to ignite your Energetic Alchemy & Supercharge your life!

Are you a healer, spiritual entrepreneur or conscious coach who feels frustrated or stuck? Do you have a deep calling to share your gifts with the world and intentionally create more success, meaning and fulfillment? If you are ready to break through your energetic blocks, have huge impact & rise up to the next level of your success - ethically, soulfully & abundantly, then I'd love to support your journey. Let's do this!

Work with me

Here's How We Can Work Together...

My Mission:
To contribute to the elevation of consciousness one healing journey at a time.

In 2013 I was living in a tent under my Mum's house. Now I live in my dream house & am the CEO of a global healing brand which has helped over 30,000 people Worldwide!

My journey taught me that every hardship, challenge and obstacle in life presents an exponential opportunity for us to innovate, strengthen, alchemize and thrive. How do we do this? With conscious clarity, energetic mastery and intentional shifts in our mindset, habits and actions.

I believe we are all capable of greatness and we have a spiritual responsibility to ourselves, our community and the planet to discover what our true gifts are - and share them with integrity and heart with as many people as we can! 

I have dedicated my life to helping others heal their trauma and access the most empowered, confident, abundant and fully-realized version of themselves, and I'd be deeply honored to work with you, too.

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Activate your true gifts & build a positive energetic legacy

Break through scarcity & significantly raise your value & worth

Release non-serving trauma & programming that keeps you stuck

Feel more on-path, purposeful and fulfilled in your life & career

Build a multi 6 figure soul-aligned business that rocks

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Here's what my clients say...

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Rock On book by Kate Mantello

ROCK ON is the must-have book for crystal lovers, spiritual-seekers and energy healers. Not only is it the most accessible, down-to-earth and empowering crystal healing book ever written - It is also a complete 'hands on' guide to effective crystal bodywork by one of the world's top crystal experts!

  • 40 Crystal body layouts (with color diagrams)

  • Expert tips & hands on activities

  • Stunning photography

  • Packed with info never seen in other crystal books

Get Kate's Book!

by Kate Mantello

The most empowering Crystal Healing book ever written!

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