Ready to live life YOUR way? You've been guided to the right place.


  •   Working for yourself in a career you LOVE

  •   Living a life of purpose, passion & abundance

  •   Being supported by a healing industry expert

  •   Releasing blocks to unlock the BEST version of yourself 

  •   Being your own boss – inspired, happy & successful

  •   Living in spiritual alignment & resonance

If you are ready to start (or grow) a career that reflects your inner spirituality and attracts impressive financial abundance

OR if you are on a personal healing journey and need some heartfelt support, then you have come to the right place. 

I specialize in training world-class Energy Healers and mentoring Spiritual Business Owners on their path to empowered success.  So, listen to your heart’s calling Beautiful Soul – It’s time for YOU to shine!

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Soulful business coaching for healing practitioners &

spiritual entrepreneurs




Distance crystal healing

sessions & personalised crystal prescriptions 




Holistic workshops.

public speaking events &

live practitioner training


Accredited courses in 

Crystal Healing, Energy Healing

& Holistic Counselling

Hi, I'm Kate

Healer.  Teacher.  Speaker.  Mentor.

Whether you see yourself becoming an Energy Healing Practitioner or a successful Spiritual Entrepreneur, I will provide you with the essential skills and knowledge you’ll need to be the BEST in the biz! 

With over 12 year’s experience in Energetic Healing, Practitioner training, Workshop development, Spiritual entrepreneurship, Public Speaking and Soulful business strategy, I ‘walk the walk’ when it comes to personal empowerment and growth. Are you ready to walk with me? 

I would love to share YOUR journey!



"You are such a powerful woman! Your energy is so infectious and each time that I read one

of your posts or see a video that you put out, it makes me get excited!
I know that I’m a better healer just because of all the knowledge that you have given me…
Thank you so much"

Thom Eggert



"Thank you for one of the most transformational experiences of my life.  Your teaching method is profound and unique – you convey knowledge with authenticity, clarity, patience, understanding, compassion and gratitude. 

You truly went above and beyond any expectations I may have had"

Taryn Matulj



"After serious research to find an energy healing teacher, my heart led me to Kate - a hemisphere and several continents away!

I went in with 100% confidence in her ability & knowledge and enjoyed every part of my experience.  I can't thank her enough for bringing out the healer in me"

Meenakshi Gulati