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8 Crystal Chakra Body Layout - How to correctly place crystals on the chakras for healing
Orthoceras - Why I love it and how to use it in Crystal Healing Sessions!
Crystal Healing for Anxiety: Do-It-Yourself Demonstration
Crystal Healing for Cleansing & Detoxing: Do-It-Yourself Demonstration
Using Crystal Healing wands to help Headache & Migraines
#4 Video series on Crystal Grids - 'Creating a Crystal Grid to Manifest Your Dream Life & Goals'
#3 Video Series on Crystal Grids - 'Creating a Sigil for your Crystal Grid'
#2 Video series on Crystal Grids - 'Creating a Crystal Grid for a Specific Intention'
#1 video series on Crystal Grids - 'Create a self-reflective Transpersonal Crystal Healing Grid'

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