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1:1 Mentoring with Kate

Overcome energetic blocks, elevate your conscious brand & uncover the blueprint to your true life purpose.


Are you a healer or conscious lightworker who is ready to go all-in & share your gifts with the world, while attracting soul-enriching success, abundance & fulfillment - BUT you feel unclear, overwhelmed or just unsure of how to manifest it?

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Beautiful Soul, as an energy healer myself, I completely understand...

There are unique challenges facing spiritual and energetic souls at all stages of our personal and professional growth - Self-doubt. Uncertainty. Fear of failure. The inner struggle between being of service and being successful.


Thankfully, I did a LOT of work to break through all of these limiting beliefs and build a global healing brand that has helped over 30,000 people and generates over $500k per year (and still growing!). I've experienced more fulfillment, purpose and abundance than I ever dreamed possible - and I now have the honor of helping other visionary lightworkers (like YOU) achieve the same!


Clarity is essential. Alignment is a must. Together, we will flow through your mindset, business structure, belief systems, energy and higher purpose, to find your unique genius zone. This is the magic space where the next level of your success story reveals itself and your energetic alchemy is crystallized.

Are you ready to own your greatness and amplify your light? Let's do this!

Kate x


How can I help YOU?

  • Move forward with clarity, focus, confidence & certainty

  • Build or scale a multi 6 figure, soul-centered healing or coaching biz

  • Bring your unique style of healing & transformation to a global audience

  • Positively impact & help hundreds or thousands of people every year

  • Get fully aligned with your path, purpose, career & life

  • Love life every day - creating an incredible life & career on YOUR terms

  • Raise your value, get more high-paying clients & create energetic wealth across ALL areas of your life

  • Transition from 'working' full-time to 'doing THE work' full-time

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Here's what my clients say...


What to Expect from Your Life-Changing

I feel a deep and profound sense of honor when somebody invites me to mentor their growth journey. It reminds me of being back in the healing room - only totally uplevelled! Working with me 1:1 is an experience of authenticity, discovery and powerful growth. Here's what you can expect:

  • Unconditional empathic support

  • Truth, authenticity & accountability

  • Life-changing advice & practices

  • Powerful business strategy & planning

  • Bi-weekly personalized 1-1 Zoom calls

  • To be challenged towards new growth

  • My absolute highest guidance

  • Unlimited personal email support 

  • Meditation & visualization as needed

  • Energetic support tools & practices

  • Ceremonial-style intention setting

  • Visionary & innovative problem solving

  • Transformational 'aha' moments

  • Deep & guided soul-searching

  • Exclusive access to my extensive global network & contacts

  • Action lists & growth tasks to keep you focused & on-track between sessions



I understand that every person is unique, with a unique set of circumstances. That's why I remain flexible when working with my coaching clients, so I am delivering exactly what YOU need at any specific time. This might be reprogramming non-serving mindsets, practical advice for redesigning a website so it powerfully connects, ethical marketing assistance, or guided meditation or energy-work to break through emotional blocks.

Having said that, the energy between us has to feel right. That's why I only work with clients who demonstrate they are 100% committed to their path of growth. For that reason, I do not extend a mentoring invitation to everyone!

Specifically, I love working 1:1 with: 

  • Energy healers, spiritual entrepreneurs, intuitives, conscious coaches and soul-centered business-people

  • People who are dedicated to finding and following their path with passion, commitment, openness and heart

  • Soulful start-ups transitioning from mainstream 'employed' to successfully 'self-employed'

  • Scalers who want to BOOM their soul-centered biz from average to exceptional ($100k-$500k)

  • Consciously awake individuals wanting to up-level their life and are ready to invest the necessary time, energy and finances required to make it happen

Who I do not work with 1:1:

  • Anyone stuck in a victim mindset who is unwilling to help themselves and do the work

  • Anyone who is unable to commit to showing up consistently

  • Anyone who is stuck in financial scarcity and is looking for discounts, free coaching or someone to 'save' them


I am happy to negotiate an in-person coaching arrangement for clients who are willing to travel to the Sunshine Coast.  Meetings are held in a peaceful cafe or restaurant where we can deeply connect and do the work together. In-person coaching sessions can be 60-120 minutes and can be arranged on request. 


I no longer offer any in-person or online healing sessions.

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