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Guided Transformation Programs

Supercharge your conscious business, heal your body, mind & soul and create a life you LOVE to live - with alignment, intention, abundance & purpose !

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Choose Your Life-Changing Transformation Journey...

Kate Mantello has achieved what many thought was impossible:

 an international publishing contract with her first manuscript, turning a small home-based healing practice into a global empire and touring the world as authoritative speaker on crystal healing. She knows first-hand the energetic shifts, mindsets, habits and spiritual practices that must be implemented to achieve your goals.


 Whether you want to get healthy, thrive in business, attract more abundance or simply stop feeling like you are just spinning the wheels every day... Kate's conscious mentorship programs offer the perfect balance of live coaching, self-guided online modules and inspiring activation tasks to help create the huge shift you need to totally transform your life or business. 

You'll be motivated, challenged and deeply transformed as you rewrite your beliefs, create empowering habits and beautifully weave together the spiritual with the physical - with incredible results!

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"Your courses and the journey they have taken me on have been life changing! They are of the highest quality and your interaction and how you run things is a total inspiration.  I would love to run my business like yours in the future.

The connection you have made through your content is unbelievable and divine, without being convoluted or complex. Thank you for doing what you do. You are an inspiration!"


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Which program is right for YOU?

Do you feel more called to focus on growing your business, or growing yourself right now? Find out below which program will best facilitate your unique evolution journey!


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Best for personal development & making big life changes

70% self-guided online resource component (texts, videos, workbooks, etc)

30% live group coaching calls component* (*Diamond VIP level only)

12 weeks of live support from Kate

Suited to anyone at any age, employment status or life stage

Skills & knowledge can be applied to all areas of life including health, relationships, success, purpose, career, wealth and mindset


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Best for aspiring or established soulpreneurs who want to boom in biz

10% self-guided online resource component (workbook only)

90% live group coaching calls component (Kate Mantello & weekly guests)

8 weeks of live support from Kate

Suited to lightworkers, spiritual entrepreneurs & conscious business owners

Skills & knowledge are specific to growing a successful soul-centred business, but some may be applied to personal life too!

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So, what makes me an expert?
Over 15 years
Experience, 7 qualifications & a personal legacy of over 30,000 lives touched.  

  • Dip Transpersonal Art Therapy (incl Holistic Counselling)

  • Cert IV Vibrational Healing

  • Master Crystal Healing Practitioner

  • Cert. Reiki Practitioner

  • Cert. Past Life Regression Therapist

  • Cert. Pranic Energy Healer

  • Cert. Color Therapist

  • 15+ years professional practice in holistic healing & counselling

  • 10+ years training healing practitioners

  • 10+ years workshop facilitation

  • Bestselling author

  • Founder/CEO Evolve Healing Institute

  • Founder of the Transpersonal Crystal Healing® Method
  • Over $1 million in online course sales

  • Trained over 2000 energy healing practitioners in 6 continents

  • $500k/year business turnover

  • Master manifester

  • International speaker

  • Dedicated life learner ($100k+ invested in self-development & training)

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