I'm Kate Mantello

Healer.  Teacher.  Mentor.  Speaker. 

Spiritual Rebel

I've never been a fan of 'doing things by the book'. Don't get me wrong- I love books, but there are so many wonderfully unique characters to be found in the pages of books, that I don't think a one-volume guide to

'How to Do Life' could contain them!

We are all authors of our own breathtaking life-story, yet so often we find ourselves falling into the passive narrative of simply existing, rather that truly living and experiencing. How many times have we exchanged adventure for security, passion for practicality and intuition for common sense?

A long time ago, I decided to take a much more active role in writing my own story. A story that may not have fit the mainstream norms, but was filled with adventure, excitement, peril, passion, plot twists and surprises.

I quickly learned the power of attraction and that ANYTHING was possible if you set your soul and intention towards it.

I learned to trust my intuition, work with universal energy and to pursue a path of mind-mastery. 

And now, after so many years of learning and experience, I am called to be of service to others.

We are all students and we are all teachers. Every experience in life is a learning opportunity and provides us with the possibility for new growth, new perspective and personal evolution.  I still have a very long way to go, but I know where I am heading. The path ahead is crystal clear.

How are you writing YOUR story?

About me...


  • Awaken The Giant Within - Tony Robbins

  • Think & Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill

  • How Would Love Respond - Kurek Ashley

  • The Prophet - Khalil Gibran

  • The Kybalion - Three Initiates


  • Minimal wheat, sugar, alcohol, dairy, processed food

  • Regular detoxing & fasting

  • Work with a good naturopath & energy healer

  • Train 4-5 times per week (yoga/cardio/weights, etc)

  • Practice daily positivity, authenticity & gratitude

  • Founder & Director of Evolve Healing Institute
  • Founder, Transpersonal Crystal Healing Modality
  • Dip. Transpersonal Art Therapy
  • Cert IV Vibrational Healing 
  • Advanced Cert. Crystal Therapy
  • Cert II Reiki
  • Cert. Pranic Energy Healing
  • Cert. Past Life Regression
  • IICT Approved Training Provider
  • IEHA Accredited Course Provider
  • Workshop Facilitator & Public Speaker
  • 6+ years professional training experience
  • 12+ years professional healing experience