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Terms & Conditions

1-1 Coaching Sessions

If it is in alignment to work 1-1 with Kate, then an offer will be discussed with you during your discovery call. If you accept the offer, then a coaching agreement will be emailed to you outlining the terms of the coaching arrangement, for you to review and sign. This document will include start dates, duration, payment information and the specific terms of the coaching agreement.

Group Coaching Programs (including Masterclasses, Labs, CRYSTALIS & Spiritual CEO)

These terms apply to enrolments in all group coaching programs (including but not limited to Masterclasses, Labs, CRYSTALIS and Spiritual CEO) hereon in referred to as 'Coaching Programs' and which are offered through the website, and, hereon in referred to as the ‘Site’, 'We' or 'Us'.


  • Coaching Programs are open to all persons, of all nationalities, aged over 18 years.



  • Coaching Programs commence as soon as you sign up and make the first payment, unless otherwise specified by a fixed start date, in which case the Coaching Program will commence on that date. Please be sure to read the information provided on the sign-up page for each Coaching Program for start-date specifics prior to your enrollment.



  • All payments on the Site are quoted in USD.

  • Some Coaching Programs (such as the Immersion Labs) require upfront payment prior to commencement. Some Coaching Programs (such as CRYSTALIS) have an upfront and payment plan option. As different booking systems may be used to for different programs, the accepted payment methods may vary and include either PayPal or credit card.

    • PAYMENT PLANS - All payment plans must be paid with a valid credit card (no debit cards) and are debited monthly using our automated debiting system. Your first month’s payment is deducted at the time you sign-up to the Coaching Program. Future payments are automatically deducted from your credit card on or around the same time of each subsequent month. Payment plan payments cannot be paused or otherwise adjusted for custom payment schedules. If you are located overseas, then your credit card company will deduct the equivalent in your local currency based on the current exchange rate. This will fluctuate slightly each month.

  • We do not issue refunds for Coaching Programs under any circumstances. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Unforeseen circumstances resulting in your inability to access the online material for a period of time

    • You do not access some or any of the content for any reason

    • Financial hardship or illness

    • Change of mind after any initial trial period or cooling off period is over (see section 'G': Cooling Off Period)

    • We have delivered everything as promised to a reasonably acceptable standard, but you are not happy with the experience or your personal results

  • Although We do not issue refunds, if you are unable to complete the Coaching Program due to extreme hardship, illness or personal circumstance, then any unused portion of your payment for the Coaching Program may be kept in credit for a maximum of 12 months. This credit can be used towards any other Coaching Program, 1-1 coaching or course offered by the Site. Credits are assessed on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed.



  • Access to the Coaching Programs is dependent on your enrollment and payment status:

    • PAID IN FULL - Full and uninterrupted access as per the Coaching Program schedule.

    • PAYMENT PLAN - Participants on a payment plan will need to ensure payments are up-to-date for continued access to the Coaching Program. If your scheduled payment is unable to be processed, then your access to the Coaching Program (and all of its benefits and resources) is temporarily paused until your payment is received. Our debiting system will continue to try to process a missed payment for a maximum of three (3) weeks. If the payment is unable to be recovered, then your enrollment in the Coaching Program will be cancelled without notice and no refund of previous payments will be offered.



  • In the unlikely event that a Coaching Program is cancelled or rescheduled by a representative for the Site for any reason, then you will be offered a place on the next available date that the Coaching Program is offered, or a place on a similar Coaching Program. If either of these options is unacceptable to you, then you will be given a full refund of any fees paid.

  • In the unlikely event that only part of a Coaching Program is cancelled or postponed (for example, if Kate Mantello is sick and unable to deliver a live coaching session) then a replacement session will be offered as close to the original date/time/delivery as possible. All efforts will be made to ensure any rescheduled time is suitable for all participants. No refunds will be given if you are unable to attend a rescheduled date as recordings will still be available.

  • You are welcome to cancel your enrollment and participation in any of the Coaching Programs at any time, however no refunds or credit will be given for any unused or unreleased portion of the program (with the exception of extreme illness/hardship as outlined in Section C). Many of our Coaching Programs run at full capacity, so someone else may have missed a place so you could have it.  



  • By selecting the ‘Purchase’, ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Sign Up’ button displayed on the Site, you understand and agree to purchasing a Coaching Program pursuant to the applicable program fee.

  • You acknowledge and understand that by signing up to any Coaching Program payment plan, you have agreed to provide Us with your credit card information and agree to allow Us to debit your credit card for the specified monthly program fee and duration.

  • You acknowledge that you have read these terms in full and understand and agree to uphold your payment and participation responsibilities to the best of your ability.

  • You understand and agree to our Cancellation and No Refund terms.

  • You acknowledge and understand that the information and tools provided to you through any of our Coaching Programs are resources only. Although recommendations are made regarding how to implement the information and resources for best results, individual results will vary. As such, We make no promises regarding specific results that you may or may not achieve through any of our Coaching Programs.

  • By enrolling in any of our Coaching Programs, you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for how you use the information and resources provided. You agree you will not hold Us responsible for any failure to reach your desired outcome or lack of expected results.


We understand that investing in your professional and personal growth can be financially significant. That's why we offer a 5 day 'no questions asked' cooling off period for all of our Coaching Programs. If you change your mind after trying one of our Coaching Programs then please Contact Us in writing within 5 days of signing up to request cancellation and a full refund. In accordance with our 'No Refunds' policy, We do not issue refunds after the cooling off period has passed.

A Note About Effort From Kate...

I value full transparency in my businesses.  For this reason, I would like to emphasis how important YOUR energy and effort is in achieving the life-changing results you dream of! I make no promises and do not guarantee results, because the alchemy is out of my hands. Only YOU are the master of your own magic!

You would not hire a personal fitness trainer and expect to build muscle by watching them lift the weights for you! Similarly, I can provide you with insight, tools, strategies, support and advice - but I can't do the work for you. The first rule of life is... you get out what you put in. That's Law of Attraction 101! The more you give to this process, the more you will receive from our time together.


But, if you choose to take this journey with me, I promise I will do my absolute best to help you find the light within yourself, so you can achieve the healing and success you desire (and deserve!). The heavy lifting, however, is up to you!

x Kate

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